4 Keto Friendly Snacks


When you first hear about any diet the first thing that comes to mind is probably that you will go hungry. That is not the case with the KETO DIET. If you are hungry then go ahead and eat but the key to this is that you eat the right kinds of foods. If you are between meals and feel like having a snack the following 4 snacks are my all-time favorite.

4 Keto Friendly Snacks:

  1. Jell-O Snack – Make some sugar free Jell-O and when you want something sweet get a serving and pour 2 TBSP of heavy cream and mix it in. This is such a creamy sweet snack, I love it!

This has 0 carbs!

Jello-O Snack


  1. Chocolate Fat Bombs – There are tons of chocolaty fat bomb recipes and the great thing about these are that they are wonderful to crave the chocolate cravings that some of us get from time to time.

This one has only 1g net carbs!

chocolate fat bombs


  1. Bacon and Cheese wraps – These are great for when you feel you need more fat in your diet. They are satisfying and so delicious!

Carbs in these ones are only 1.3g


  1. Pork Rinds – You either love these or you don’t. I happen to like them, especially with some hot sauce. These snacks are great for when you have a chip craving, at least for me it’s a satisfying treat.

Zero Carbs in this snack!

pork Rinds


There are tons of Keto Friendly snacking ideas but these are the easiest ones for me and the ones that I usually go to when I want to nibble on something to tie over my cravings. What are some of your favorite snacks? I’d love to get ideas and hear your feedback, leave a comment and please share so others can get snacking ideas too. Thanks!

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  1. Very good advice, I’ve personally never heard about this. A truly unique and interesting post! Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. Great ideas, I think I’m gonna try the first two, since I am vegetarian I can’t really try the last two haha

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