5 of my Favorite Things

5 of my favorite things

These are some of my favorite things, for now anyway 😀  My likes change all the time and I’m sure I’m not the only one 🙂 Take a look around, maybe you will find some of your favorites too.


Oil Diffuser


I have had this oil diffuser for about three weeks now and I love it. I first heard about these from Pinterest and it piqued my interest. It makes the room smell good and there are many oil recipes for several things such as de-stressing, allergies and more. My favorite recipe is Rosemary, Lemon Grass and Orange. This recipe is supposed to help you focus and give you energy.

Oil diffuser


Silver Linings Playbook DVD


I love this movie! This movie stars Jenifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Robert De Niro and their chemistry is amazing. When this movie first came out I heard it was good but I didn’t watch it until a year later. I thought it was about football, it is a little, so it didn’t interest me but one day I was bored and saw it on Netflix. The rest is history, I have watched it so many times that I have lost count. I highly recommend it!

One thing you should know about me is that my favorite movie genre is horror so for me to love this movie is a big deal. Trust me it’s an awesome movie and if you haven’t seen it then what are you waiting for?!

Silver Linings DVD




I like makeup but I love lipstick. If you are to wear only one item of makeup then lipstick should be it. I have several lipsticks and from several brands too. These are just some of my favorite colors. I like to mix the dark colors with light pink in the center of the lips. It creates a nice effect 🙂



Keyboard Covers


I discovered keyboard covers a couple of years ago and it was by accident, but oh what a nice accident it was. The first thing I love about these covers is that it keeps my keyboards clean and dust proof. The second thing is that it’s pretty 😀 You can get any color and design you like. I have two covers, one for my home computer and the other for my laptop. I bought these on Etsy and again, I love them.

Keyboard covers


Gryffindor Letter Opener


Okay so I’m 12 leave me alone :p At least that’s what my daughters tell me especially when it comes to my Harry Potter love. I saw this letter opener in the WB merchandise website and knew I just had to have it. One of the things I was worried about was that it would look cheap, like a child’s toy but it doesn’t. I have this on my desk and it looks very sleek.

Gryffindor sword


So, there you have it, 5 of my favorite things. Do you have any of these? What are some of your favorite things? Let me know if there’s something you’d like me to try.

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Till next time! xoxo


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6 thoughts on “5 of my Favorite Things

  1. I love your Gryffindor letter opener! Even though I’m a hufflepuff 🙂
    xx Carly

  2. I’m actually a Slytherin but this one is the one I found, still love it though! 😀

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