5 Signs that you are in Ketosis

Signs of Ketosis

Am I in Ketosis Already?

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When I decided to start a keto diet one of the things that I kept wondering about was going into ketosis. I kept questioning whether I was in ketosis and if not how long it was going to take. Even the days I went through the keto flu. I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening. It wasn’t until the day after the keto flu that I realized I could have been in ketosis already.

I didn’t know for sure I was in ketosis until I checked my urine for ketones. You can do this by buying the ketone strips in the pharmacy. It’s a simple test and if the strip turns any color that means you are in ketosis and your body is using fat as fuel. Yay!




    • Bad breath. Some people get bad breath and this is because your body is burning ketones (fat) now and the way it exits the body is through urine or your breath. Personally, I haven’t experienced this but some people do, so I thought I’d mention it. Also, worth mentioning is that it doesn’t last forever, so don’t worry.
    • Appetite Suppression. This one really blew my mind away. Prior to starting this WOE I always felt hungry so it was a shock to me when that ceased. You find that you can go longer without eating and when you do get hungry it’s not that ravishing feeling. It’s more like you know it’s time to fuel up. This is one of the coolest things about the keto diet for me.
    • Increased Energy. If you have read my prior post about how I felt once ketosis kicked in you’ll know that this is one of those things that someone like me never expected to feel. You will gain energy and find that you can focus better too. Pretty awesome if you ask me.
    • Ketones in Blood and Urine. Once you are in Ketosis your body begins to expel ketones into the blood and urine. This is the reason you can check if you’re in ketosis with either a urine strip or a blood test. They sell these testers in the pharmacy if you are really interested in testing yourself. I bought the urine strips and test my urine every other week and I do this just to make sure I’m on track
    • Weight Loss. This one is a given and it’s wonderful! One thing I want to point out before saying anything about weight loss is that some people start losing inches first. It’s possible you will see your clothes fitting looser and not see the scale move. I hardly weight myself and the way I follow my progress is by the way my clothes fit. When you are in ketosis your body starts using fat as fuel and you will start losing weight.



These are the signs and symptoms I had or that I have heard other people having. I will say this, don’t stress too much about checking your blood or urine and whether you’re in ketosis or not. Follow the Keto WOE, stick to cooking with butter and fats, lower your carb intake and eventually you will go into ketosis. I believe you can do it, if someone like me who hadn’t lost any weight for the last 15 years is able to do it then you can too!

Me at 3 months of Keto



This is me at 3 months of being on a low carb high fat diet. These pants used to hardly fit me and now they slowly fall off as I walk 😀




9 thoughts on “5 Signs that you are in Ketosis

  1. This is interesting! So glad that you are seeing the results with energy and weight loss. That must be super exciting! Thanks for the short, simple and concise post! I learned something new today!

  2. Wow what great info! I had never heard of going into Ketosis or even the veto diet before! I love hearing about things that have helped people and changed peoples life for the positive! Keep it up girl AND thanks for sharing!

  3. My husband is always looking to jumpstart ketosis. Never understood it! Sharing with him. I know he’ll enjoy the strips.

    Stefanie @ blisslived.com

  4. Omg this is so exciting! Until when are you going to keep on doing this? I have heard of ketone before but I’m too afraid to try it but I guess it’s worth a shot now that I see your results. Thanks for sharing.

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