A Witch’s Call – Introduction

Adina Valenz


I’m Adina Valenz and I’m 24 yrs old; a pretty face but not all what I seem….. I graduated last year with a science degree and a minor in chemistry; oh, yeah and I’m also a magical witch. I can move things with my mind and change the molecular structure of objects, as well as cast spells and charms and make potions.

My parents were killed when I was nine years old by a trapper who thought they were evil. While we can do black magic, my family has opted to follow the Wiccan practices and do white magic instead. Unfortunately, some people think witches automatically mean evil, which is why I don’t go around announcing that I am a witch.

My brother and I grew up in foster homes, when I went to college I moved in with him and his wife and lived with them until I graduated. After graduating I moved to New Mexico and with the money our parents had left us I opened my own magical supplies book store. I have lived here for about a year now and to be honest I love it.

I have two types of clients. The first kinds are the ones that come into the store just to look around, perhaps they’re curious about the occult and they buy some books and charms. The other kinds are the serious practicing magic kind, to whom I brew specialty potions for them as well as perform charms and spells when needed. Only a few know the special true knowledge of my store.

On my spare time I like to do some light investigating on supernatural events although I don’t have much time to do this as the store keeps me busy enough.

For the past couple of weeks I have felt a shift in the atmosphere, something that’s kept me on edge. I don’t know what it is exactly but I guess I’ll have to wait and see……


Chapter 1

The Beginning

The air was chilly, no not chilly, it was right down frosty. Adina knew this wasn’t good, especially since this was happening in the middle of July in the Southwest; where the nights were hot and dry. She tugs at the hoodie wrapping it tight around her slender body, dark raven hair swaying in the night as she perches on the edge of a tombstone. Waiting, listening. She has been doing this for the past two weeks. Ever since the news broke of the grave robberies that have been happening all around town she knew she had to investigate.

For years, she’s wanted to do this but never had the courage to follow through. This time it was different, six months ago her Grandmother died under suspicious circumstances and Adina knew she couldn’t let this go. Her entire senses were screaming at her and she couldn’t look away any longer. A twig snaps in the distance bringing her back to reality and she quickly stands. Knife in one hand and gun in the other. She closes her eyes trying to heighten her hearing when she hears footsteps to the left. When she opens her eyes she sees a blur pass by her, fast but slow enough for her to know she was not alone.

It seemed to Adina like hours had passed as she stood still listening to the night sounds. Her muscles ached as she strained to keep still when suddenly her pain seemed to have paid off. She saw him, the shape shifter and he was breaking off something from the old tombstone. Adina squinted her eyes trying to focus on what it was he was breaking off, it seemed to glow in the dark night. The sound of crunching and stone being hacked to pieces could be heard throughout the misty graveyard.

Adina slowly began to pull out the small revolver from her back pocket, quietly pushing the safety button and with a swift move pulling the hammer back, barely making a sound. As she positions herself to aim the gun towards the back of the shifter’s head a beam of light passes throughout the entire cemetery lighting everything up like the Fourth of July.
“Shit” She hisses. The shifter’s silver eyes turn their attention towards her. With a gasp caught in her throat she raised a hand ready to blast the thing back when the roaring sound of a car came bounding in. They both turn to see the black Mustang pull up, wheels screeching and tearing up the dirt road.

Adina turned her attention back to the shifter but only to find him fleeing swiftly through the gravestones. Wondering what’s got this thing running she chased after him. She figured that whatever it was that spooked him she probably shouldn’t trust either. The shifter proved to be too fast for her and by the time she reached the end of the graveyard he had gone. Leaning her hands on her knees trying to catch the last few breaths that seem to have escaped her she tilts her head in time to hear the low voices of two males walking towards her.

She takes off in a sprint towards her bike and with one hop she climbs on and revs up the engine only to speed off in a rush. Adina looks back catching a mere glimpse of two figures standing where just seconds ago she stood. Not sure what to make of this since she’s been trailing the shape shifter for some time now and not once had they been chased off by anyone. The bike swerves left and right passing the cars in a rush. Adina wanted to get home and try to make sense of this new development, she needed to find out who these two guys were and what they wanted?


To be continued….

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