Bacon is the Word!



Bacon is the word! Yep, you heard me. I must admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of bacon. Don’t hold it against me though I blame the “Health” industry for this. I, like most people grew up thinking that bacon was bad for us. Turns out it is bad for you if you pair it off with carb loaded foods such as bread. On a low carb high fat diet (LCHF) it’s perfectly fine. Ever since starting Keto I quickly found out that bacon was a big key in helping with my weight loss.

A slice of bacon only has .1 gram of carbs, which is heaven for us low carbers 🙂 I learned to like bacon because of this and now I eat four slices every morning with my breakfast. Most people love bacon, it’s still not my favorite but hey I figured since I loaded up my body with carbs galore for years the least I could do is put up with a Keto staple; Bacon!

As I progress with this blog I will be posting more information on this new way of eating (WOE) and will include what my daily meals look like. This post was inspired by the sweet smell of bacon weaving into my room as it was being cooked. I sat here trying to think of what to start writing today and was guided by my senses 🙂 So yes, for today and everyday; at least in my house anyway, Bacon is the word!

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