Ketogenic Way of Eating

Hello everyone! Come follow me on my journey to weight loss through the Keto diet. I’ll be telling you about the different recipes, my ups and downs and everything about this new way of living for me. I’ll also be posting before and after pictures and a couple of videos on the subject. Hit the follow button and see what this is all about!


I didn’t cook much before but now I can’t seem to stop. I love cooking and here I will be sharing recipes I have tried and some of them will be my very own. Let’s get cooking together!



Okay so here’s the thing, I love to write and I have tons of ideas to write about. There’s a problem though, I procrastinate and never seem to finish them :/ So I got this idea of starting a series of my short stories and will be posting them on here. I’ll be posting two to three times a week, at least that’s the goal anyway 🙂

Hope you all enjoy, happy reading everyone!


My Randomness

On this page I’ll be posting my random thoughts on various topics. anything from day-to-day life to movie reviews. I love movies so you’ll be getting plenty of blogs on this. 🙂 I will also blog about the Law of Attraction and spirituality, basically things about my life.

Enjoy! xoxo