Butter is the Word!


When I was a kid, I loved butter. I remember sneaking a small bite of those long yellow bricks of them that my mom kept in the refrigerator. Then suddenly, they were gone. I don’t recall the exact date when we didn’t have butter in the house anymore. I just remember it was replaced with those brown or yellow tubs. They didn’t taste the same.


In time, I learned to like the “New” butter and even grew accustomed to them. As I got older the tubs of “butter” became the norm and those yellow sticks became a smaller display in the grocery store. One that most people would skip. At the time, I didn’t know that it was margarine or vegetable oil what I was consuming and not real butter.

As I got older I would hear about some new study on how fat was making us, well fat. Lard and butter would always be on top of that list and I like most people would avoid it like the plague. I would use those vegetable oil sprays to cook with and most of time my food would be dry and overcooked. I always thought it was because I was a bad cook and had to deal with it.


Not real butter ——->

Everything changed when I started doing KETO. The number one ingredient, to my delight, was butter. Of course, at first I felt guilty using it and thought it was nuts but from that first Keto meal I couldn’t believe the delicious flavor. And guess what? I started losing weight, gasp, I know strange, right? I was mad, I mean I could’ve been eating delicious food this entire time but because I was told butter was bad for me I had to go without.

Butter makes your food taste better and it helps keep you satiated longer. Now I know what many people are thinking when they read this. What about clogged arteries? So, I will say this; butter, as well as the other healthy fats in Keto, are okay to consume when you are following a low carb high fat diet. If you are still consuming high amounts of carbs especially sugar and flour then please don’t be eating all these fats. When these fats and carbs mix, they clog your arteries and it is bad news.

When starting this way of eating butter must be at the top of your list. The food will taste much better, trust me. Remember it has to be real butter, the one that comes in the sticks. Those tubs are margarine or vegetable oil and they are not good for you.


I love butter, can you tell? So, for today and every day, at least for breakfast when I cook my eggs,

BUTTER is the word!

Till next time

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xoxo A.T.

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