Fun at the UFO Festival

UFO Festival at Roswell, NM


It has been 70 years since the infamous Roswell UFO crash and every year there’s a festival in Roswell, NM to commemorate the event. This year my family and I decided to attend. When we drove into Roswell the first thing we notice is that it’s a lot smaller than what we had pictured. The second thing I notice is that the alien theme is strong all over town, which I love by the way.


Roswell NM


The warm welcome of everyone in the community is amazing. The festival was in full swing when we got there and it was so much fun. People in alien costume, wearing tin foil hats and various Alien theme costumes were everywhere. I had to join in on the fun and bought myself some alien antennae!


Alien ears


We were greeted by the Roswell welcoming committee and were promptly handed an official UFO festival passport, lanyard and a festival program. If we collected four stamps we could come back and receive a backpack, which we did 😀


ufo program and lanyard


Main St. was closed off to traffic and was lined with food trucks and vendors. It was a lot of fun walking through there and see all the people dressed up and tasting the delicious food. The store fronts all have alien theme decorations and music was playing everywhere. Oh, and do make sure to visit the International UFO Museum as there’s a wealth of information there for any UFO enthusiast.


artwork in Roswell


This is something that my family and I will be doing again next year and every year after that. Hopefully you can join us too!


How about you, have you ever been to Roswell, NM?


Pictures of our adventure in Roswell, NM


Street Alien                

           1. Street Alien             2. JettaSky showing off Alien backpack    3. Crash landing!


alien insect        Alien locals     aliens at the museum

  1. Alien Insect                   2. Meeting the locals :p                      3. Test Tube Aliens

crash land        The Day the Earth Stood Still        Artwork in Roswell NM

  1. Crash-landing prop     2.  The Day the Earth Stood Still    3. Artwork at the International UFO Museum


Aliens playing card     me and my girls at the ufo festival      Alien at Main street

  1. Aliens playing cards            2. Me and my girls at the Festival         3. Alien prop at Main St. in Roswell, NM


wandjinas artwork      wandjinas at Roswell         props from Roswell movie

  1. Windjinas alien artwork at the International UFO museum    2. Cont. of Windjinas artwork     3. Props for the movie Roswell at the UFO museum


Tin Foil Hat cuz you can never be too safe! lol

tin foil hat


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