Sing Street Movie Review

Sing Street movie poster

I first came across the movie trailer at the movies. You know those trailers that they play right before your movie is about to start? I remember thinking it looked like a cute movie to watch. The music and the era it was placed in, the 80’s, made it look fun.

I didn’t go watch it at the theaters though because I don’t recall it ever being announced, most likely it never played in my hometown. I ended up watching it a couple of months ago on Netflix. It was exciting when I saw it pop up on the new release section.

Sing street movie

When it first began, and I’m talking the first five to ten minutes of it, made me think it wasn’t going to be as good as I had originally thought it would be. As the movie played I did begin to enjoy it and once the music began to play into it I liked it even more.

Sing street movie clip

The funny thing was that throughout the movie I kept thinking something bad was going to happen to the main character, don’t worry no spoilers here, but by the time the movie ended I found that I quite enjoyed the story.

sing street movie clip

I loved the acting, you really believe these kids are from the 80’s and I love the way the story flowed. I highly recommend this movie, it’s a great motivator for anyone who needs that motivation to follow their dreams. After watching it I showed it to my daughters and husband and they all loved it too. I feel that Sing Street will be one of those movies that might not have had such a big start but it will create a following throughout the years. At least I hope it does anyway.


Watch Sing Street on Netflix before it’s gone and let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did!




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