A Witch’s Call – The Reveal part 2

Adina, The Reveal 2

Adina waits for Evan’s answer as she watches him fidget slightly under the question. “Well, Esmeralda sent me and…” He lets the sentence trail and she smiles standing straight up, “You must be a trapper then.” Making it a statement rather than a question. She can tell that Evan is a bit apprehensive in answering until he nods confirming it, “I’m a trapper, yes.” Smiling she slaps the countertop, “I knew it!” Feeling pleased with herself she relaxes and takes out the ash wood from one of the locked boxes under the counter and places it in front of him.

She sees him reach for the piece of blackened wood and look it over. Adina feels excited, now knowing that he’s a trapper she just knows that he’s working on the case of the vandalized cemeteries. “You’re working on the grave robberies, aren’t you?” Seeing his lost eyes looking at her she smiles more, “You are I knew it! Evan, I’m a trapper too let’s help each other out on this thing.”

Witch hat

She can’t tell Evan she’s a witch, he is a trapper after all and she’s been taught to run away from them but this was different. Besides if she told him she was a trapper too he’d be more willing to help her out. She sort of was a trapper, as of four weeks ago anyway. The moment that shifter killed her grandmother Adina changed; and if that meant passing herself for something she wasn’t then that’s what she was going to do.

Evan’s expression told her he hardly believed her but she didn’t care as she had something he wanted, the ash wood. After bickering back and forth on whether he would let her help him he finally agreed but not until she kept raising the price on the ash wood. He takes out a wad of cash tossing it on the counter. Adina picks it up stuffing it into the cash register and handing Evan the overpriced piece of wood. She tells him she’s been on this case since it hit the town and there are things she’s found out but she won’t tell him unless he helps her. Evan tells her he needs to speak to his cousin about it and that he’ll keep in touch.

After Evan left, Adina’s mind is buzzing with this new turn of events. Now that she knew he was a trapper and that there were more trappers out there looking into this, there was no doubt in her mind that soon this shifter would die. Adina decided not to tell her brother just yet, he will have a fit if he knew she was thinking of associating with trappers. After closing shop, she headed up the stairs to the apartment and turned the scanner on.

police scanner

This had turned into her nightly routine now, sleeping with the scanner on. As soon as she heard anything strange going on she would hop on her motorcycle and chase out. She felt her eyelids fading and allowed them to close momentarily, as soon as she did this the scanner goes wild. Her eyes fling open, the adrenaline pumps through her body and she jumps up ready for the chase.

(To be continued…..) 

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