A Witch’s Call – The Chase

Adina Valenz

The lights on the scanner light up like Christmas morning. The chatter almost in-distinctive, Adina’s hand a blur as she scribbles on the notepad, writing down anything that she thinks could be of use and then she hears it. A location, the abandoned warehouse, they think that could be it but according to the radio they are approximately 40 miles away. Something tells her that’s where the shapeshifter will be and without another word dashes out. The footsteps echo throughout the small apartment, keys dangling from her fingertips as she runs out and hops on the metallic green motorcycle speeding away.
Adina's Bike Torch
Adina’s mind is racing as she swerves through the streets. If it is the shapeshifter then this could be her chance to kill him. The thought of this makes her blood pump faster through her veins and she pushes the bike to go as fast as it will let her. The warehouse gleams in the night like a light beacon and she brings the bike to a stop. She frowns seeing the black Mustang parked outside. Is that Evan’s car? She vaguely recalls seeing him drive off in a similar car. Now what where the chances this was another one?

A loud yell could be heard from inside, it sounded like three voices. Adina ran to the door pressing her ear to it trying to decipher what was going on. She had expected to find the shapeshifter alone not having a party. Although this sounded more like a wrestling match. She opens the door cracking it slightly. Just in time to see a guy pinned on the ground with the shapeshifter on top holding him down. She scans the dark warehouse and sees Evan already hurt and holding up what looked like a dead girl watching with horror as the shapeshifter seems about to strike a mortal blow.
Abandoned Warehouse
Without thinking Adina lets the door fling wide open and brings her hands up letting the energy flow through her and out with all her strength towards the shape shifter. His body flies clear across the room smashing against the wall and falling in a heap on the ground. She runs to check on the man who’s sitting up not sure of what just happened. Evan comes running towards them and both their eyes lock, “Adina?” the look on his face is that of shock. Adina sees the shape shifter get back on his feet and quickly stands in front of Evan and who she assumes is his cousin holding up her hands. The shape shifter looks at all three of them and decides it’s not worth it, his shoulder is bleeding and without another word he vanishes.

When the entity leaves Evan and Theo look at Adina, she can see they are trying to decide whether she’s on their side or one of the others. “The cops are coming we should bail,” she answers and as if on cue the sirens begin to sound in the distance. Theo looks at Evan with a quizzical look, “The girl?” Asking about the innocent they were trying to save. Evan shakes his head and that is all Theo needs to see to know the poor girl hadn’t made it. Adina looks around rather impatient now that the sirens sound closer, “We really should get going. I don’t think we want to be found in a warehouse with a dead body.” Evan nods and with a firm grip wraps his fingers around Adina’s forearm, “We’re leaving but /You/ are coming with us.” Before she can protest he begins to exit with Theo in tow.
The trio exits the dark warehouse leaving it behind in shambles. Adina trying to disengage herself from Evan and make her way to the black bike but he had another idea. His grip tightens and brings her to the Mustang; she looked up at him with a questioned look and says, “I came here on my bike.” Theo snickers in the background as he climbs into the driver’s seat and Evan replies, “You’re leaving with us” he sees the hesitation in her and quickly adds, “Don’t worry we’ll come back for it.” The sirens getting closer, Adina nods not really wanting to leave the bike but knowing that if she stands to argue the cops will get here and the three will be having a trip to the station. “What have I gotten myself into?” She mumbles as she gets into the back seat. As they drive away she turns to look just in time to see the warehouse get surrounded

To Be Continued…

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