A Witch’s Call – Escape

Adina on Escape

The footsteps fade away as Evan leaves her alone in the room. Adina sits up pressing her ear to the cool wall. She can hear the muffled sound of the cousins talking in the next room. The walls are paper-thin and yet all she can hear is warbling echoes, it sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown was talking. Whatever they were saying she could tell they were arguing. Could they be fighting over what to do with her? The warbling ends with a slammed door causing her to jolt away from the wall.

Thinking one of the cousins walked out she waits, straining to hear for footsteps but instead she hears old water pipes running next door. Sighing she slumps back against the headboard. “Shower.” Adina mumbles to herself. Her arm is getting sore and now that she’s sure Evan and Theo won’t be coming to check on her anytime soon it’s time for her to leave.

handcuffs on bedpost

The handcuffs melt into the bedpost and Adina massages her wrist. Evan had closed it tight, he really didn’t want her to leave. Letting out a huff, she couldn’t believe the night she was having. And bumping into Evan and his cousin? What the hell was that all about? A million thoughts were running through the black-haired girl’s mind as she made her way out of the dirty hotel room. Closing the door softly she quickly wraps her arms around her body. The chill in the summer air makes her uneasy. This isn’t normal, she thought, but right now she had bigger problems such as getting back home before double trouble wake up.


The parking lot is not even half filled. Who would want to stay here? She wonders. It’s dark except for a lone fluttering light. The reflection on the windshield of the black mustang caught her attention. No, she couldn’t. She thought.  With a mischievous grin, Adina makes her way towards the car. Fuck that, they took her motorcycle, now she’s taking their car.


When Adina decided to track down her grandmother’s killer she began to practice her magic. Before then her brother and she did not know much about controlling their powers and so they would hardly use them. When they finally got back into contact with their grandma she started to teach them but before she could teach them much she was murdered. Josh withdrew into his job leaving the magic out of his life but Adina decided to embrace it.


She started doing research and investigating; which is when she came across Esmeralda and the Midnight Nightclub. There she found out there were others like her and thus began her magical education. All this behind her brother’s back of course, if Josh got wind of what she was up to he was liable to shut her bookstore down and drag her home. In the past nine months Adina had been practicing on changing the molecular structure of things and found that she was getting quite good at it.


This came in handy when she had to get into locked places and now it helped her escape those damn tight handcuffs. Reaching the car Adina places a hand over the door and hears the lock click open. She smiles to herself as she slips inside the car. Within 30 seconds she has the car purring like a kitten and without hesitation she revs the engine and rides fast out of the dark motel parking lot.

Abandoned Warehouse

The young witch was heading back to the abandoned warehouse to get her bike and after that she would continue searching for that slippery shapeshifter. Adina had hoped that Evan and Theo would help her but now she sees that will be impossible. She should have known; her grandma’s first rule was never trust a tracker and now Adina knew why. That was a mistake she would not make again.


Four hours had passed when they fled the warehouse and Adina expected the place to be buzzing with cops as they did the investigation on the dead girl. The dead girl. Her grip tightens on the steering wheel as she recalls the innocent girl lying dead on the ground. Wishing she had gotten there sooner so she could have saved her but she didn’t and now that’s something Adina will never forget.

Driving closer to the warehouse Adina finds it odd that everything seems dark and quiet. When she comes around into the clearing of the parking lot she finds it empty. That’s odd, she thinks. This should be an active crime scene but instead it looks as if nothing ever happened. She drives around to where her bike was parked and stops dead on her tracks. Torch was gone. Torch is Adina’s motorcycle, her most prized possession and now it’s gone!

To Be Continued…

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