A Witch’s Call – Esmeralda

Adina in A Witch's Call

With fingers clutched tightly on the steering wheel Adina took a deep breath. Okay so her bike was gone. Most likely it was taken by the police and is now impounded. With a deep sigh, she puts the car in reverse and heads towards the city. For now, the bike was going to have to wait because Adina needed to look into the Shapeshifter that has eluded her once again.


The trail was hot right now and the young witch was not about to let it get cold. A sliver of orange tainted the sky as the sun intended to break through the night sky. Adina knew she had a couple of hours to do her investigation before her captors found that she had gone. She felt a little bad about the way she left but the girl had no choice. Evan seemed sincere in feeling bad for taking her but if there was one thing Adina knew, was that sometimes people will do bad things to get what they wanted.


She knew Evan a long time ago and even then, they hardly spoke. It was more like she knew of him, he on the other hand had never looked in her direction. Anyway, that didn’t matter right now, he was a trapper and that meant Adina should stay as far away as possible from him and his cousin. Besides, as soon as she got her bike she would give them their car back; after all It was their fault her bike got taken.

The Midnight Club

Adina had intended to go to the apartment but in the last-minute she decided to head towards The Midnight Club. If someone would know something about a rogue Shapeshifter it would be Esmeralda. The club was empty so early in the day but Adina knew Esmeralda would be here. That witch lived and breathed that club and Adina was grateful for having befriended her.


The Midnight Club was a hang out for all things supernatural. Adina had never seen anything like it, she didn’t even know something like this existed. She fell in love with it from the moment she stepped into the dark velvety rooms. Before the young witch got caught up with tracking the shapeshifter she would spend most of her free time at the club.


It has been a couple of weeks since Adina had been to the club but as soon as she walked in it was as if she was here just yesterday. The red velvet walls had the same dark feel and even though the place was empty she could easily envision the booming music and dancing all around her.


“Well, well. Look who finally came to visit.” The Spanish accent belonged to Esmeralda. Adina turned to face the tall curvy women and smiled. “You know I couldn’t stay gone for long Esme.” She went to hug her friend.


Esmeralda was a tall dark-skinned beauty with a strong personality to boot. Adina liked her from the very start and the feeling was mutual on Esmeralda’s end. She was about 15 years older than Adina so the young witch saw her as a mentor. It helped that Esmeralda knew right away what Adina was which caught her by surprise but after getting to know the dark beauty Adina learned she was an intuitive witch.


“I didn’t hear Torch, did you walk here?” The tall fellow witch asked Adina as they walked towards the bar. Adina pulled a face indicating displeasure to Esmeralda, “What happened?” She asked.

“He got impounded” Adina answered flatly, “but I got a temporary ride for now.” Quickly adding.

“Impounded, how did that happen? Torch is your baby.” She asked with a slight tease in her voice. After Adina bought the bike it was all she would talk about and Esmeralda would always tease her about it.

“It’s a long story Esme, just know that two idiots were involved.” Adina answered as she reached over the counter for a water, “but I don’t wanna talk about it I rather much ask you something.”

Esmeralda leaned back crossing her long legs, “Go on.” Lighting a cigarette, the look in Adina’s face is something she hadn’t seen in her before and now Esmeralda was intrigued.


“Have there been any newcomers lately?” She takes a drink of water before continuing, “Like for the past couple weeks?”

Esmeralda gives the young girl a look, “Adina, this is a club. We get newcomers all the time. Care to be more specific?”

“Right, I mean like a guy.”

“A guy?” Esmeralda interrupts. Was this about Evan, she wondered?

“Yeah, more specifically a” Adina pauses slightly, “a shapeshifter?” She looked at the witch sitting in front of her and judging by the look in her face she knew that Esmeralda was not expecting this.

“A Shapeshifter? Did you just say…. Shapeshifter?” Esmeralda’s eyes blaze. “Adina what the hell have you gotten yourself into?”

Adina Valenz

Adina placed the water on the counter and felt herself shrinking in front of her friend. She had never seen Esmeralda act this way before and something in her voice now made Adina regret ever asking her about this. “It’s nothing really, I just thought I saw something last night.” She shrugged trying to act as if it didn’t matter, hopping Esmeralda wouldn’t see through her.


Esmeralda let out a sigh, regretting the small outburst as she can see Adina’s hesitation. “Look, shapeshifters are sneaky and not to be trusted. You ask if one has been here? Truth is I wouldn’t know. They never look the same for long which is why I distrust them and so should you.” She pointed long fingers at the girl to drive in her point. Adina nodded quickly, “I get it okay. I thought I had seen something but I’m thinking I was wrong.” She smiled and hopped off the stool going over to her friend to give her a hug.


“Hey listen, I gotta split. I’ll give you a call later.” Esmeralda looked over the young witch as they hugged their goodbyes. Once Adina left, Esmeralda knew something was wrong. She felt it and saw it on Adina’s face. It was almost as strong as when she first met the dark-haired girl. Esmeralda knew Adina was a strong witch and knew that even Adina herself didn’t know just how strong. Esmeralda was worried, was Adina in over her head?


“Damn it!” She slammed a manicured hand on the counter in frustration. Esmeralda knew that if she was asking about shapeshifters then nothing good was going to come out of this.


To Be Continued… 

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