A Witch’s Call – Kidnapped

Adina Kidnapped

“This is called kidnapping” Adina says, sitting in the back seat of the Mustang staring at the back of Evan and Theo’s heads. Evan turns around giving her a look, “We just saved you Adina.” She rolls her eyes and looks away mumbling, “I think it’s the other way around Evan.” She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. The red lights and blaring cop cars zoom past them and just as Adina thinks this unexpected road trip wouldn’t end they pull into a shady motel. She frowned seeing the empty parking lot; leaning forward to look out the back window she sees the flashing sign of “Vacancy” with the letter V fluttering off and on. Adina looks slowly over to the two brothers and thinks, these guys are psycho, they know I’m a witch and now they’re going to kill me.

Seedy Motel

Swallowing thickly, she leans back on the seat crossing her arms glaring at Evan as he gets out of the car and moves over to open her door. Adina decides to go along with this little charade for a while and see where this goes. They quickly usher her inside looking around suspiciously before locking the door as soon as they shove her inside.


“What the hell where you doing there?” Theo yells towering over the brunette. Adina tilts her chin up defiantly and looks him square in the eyes, “Apparently saving your ass.” She answers calmly. Evan clears his throat and puts a hand on Theo’s shoulder telling him to calm down; they switch places and now Evan’s the one towering over her, only his voice is a lot gentler. “Adina, that was so dangerous. You could have been killed and now to add to that this shifter has got your scent too. You’ve put us and yourself in danger. What were you doing?” Adina looks up at Evan’s face and the look of genuine concern touches something inside her soul.

“I told you,” she pauses slightly before continuing, “I’m a trapper and I was going after this thing. It looked like you two were in trouble.” She looks away and sighs, “The girl… he killed her didn’t he?” She asks although she already knew the answer; Evan nods slowly, bringing a hand up to her arm, “Yeah, he killed her.” Adina looks back at him and sees the hurt in his eyes; she looks over his shoulder at Theo and sees the same hurt in his eyes. She feels angry that this thing that has taken away so much from her life and it continues its path of destruction.

Evan being upset

With a firm shake of her head she stands up straighter and with a resolved tone in her voice she proclaims to the cousins, “We can’t let this bastard get away with this any longer. Let’s go after it. He was hurt I saw it, we can catch him right now.” Theo’s head snaps up and walks towards her, his fingers pointing at her as if scolding her like a child, “Get this sweetheart, there is NO WE there’s Evan and I but NOT you. We’ve already lost this girl I don’t think you want to add yourself to that mix!” His eyes looked bloodshot and Adina takes a step back as he advances on her. “Theo calm down” Evan stands between Adina and Theo taking hold of her wrist in one quick move.

“I’ll take care of this, go get the other room I’ll see you there.” A look passes through the two and Theo glares at Adina one last time before storming out. She cringes knowing that look of anger in his eyes, her heart beats fast not sure what Evan meant with his words. Was he going to kill her now?

As Theo leaves Evan’s attention snaps back to Adina, his fingers still tight around her thin wrist, “Adina listen, we’re trying to protect you here. We can’t have you running around thinking you can hunt this thing down.” Adina’s jaw falls open in disbelief, “What?! Evan how can you even say that? I saved your asses back there if it hadn’t been for me your cousin would be dead!” Her eyes flash in anger now and Evan looks at her with bewilderment, “You know, now that you’ve mentioned it how did you manage to throw him across the warehouse?”


As she looks up at him she can’t help and admire the way his green eyes look at her almost with an amazed gaze. Adina stammers her reply to him, “I… I’ve taken Kung Fu lessons” she shrugs and looks away. Evan laughs shaking his head, “Kung Fu? Okay yeah that makes sense.” She looks back at him and can tell he doesn’t believe a single word. Panic sets in as she thinks he knows her secret and just as she’s about to push him away he speaks up. “Adina you need to stay here” as she makes to protest he puts up a hand not letting her answer, “There’s no fighting this and we…I’ll do anything to protect you” and before she can do or say anything else he sits her on the bed slaps handcuffs on her wrist pinning her to the bed.

Adina couldn’t believe the audacity of his actions and she pulls her arm away only to have her wrist hit the cold metal, she looks up with narrowed eyes at him, “How dare you! Un-cuff me right this minute!” Evan stands back looking down at her with amusement, “Sorry, I had to do it. You’ll be fine here Theo and I are in the other room. I’ll come check on you in a couple of hours. I just don’t want you running off and doing something crazy.” He brings a glass of water to the nightstand and reaches over tucking her black hair behind her ears, “I’m sorry I had to do this.” She flinched as his hand comes up; surprised by the softness in his hands and his tone it’s almost as if he really was sorry about this whole situation. “You’re going to be sorry Evan Levi.” She spits back, her voice more calm and steady than how she really feels. Warning bells ringing in her body, feeling tense and scared but she sets her jaw determined not to show him her fear. Evan smiles softly as if he knows and stands, “Alright, see you in a couple of hours. Get some sleep.” He walks off leaving her angry and handcuffed to the bed.


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