A Witch’s Call – The Reveal

Adina Valenz

The alarm goes off with a loud blaring sound, a lone hand stretched out from under the blankets to press the snooze button. After five minutes have passed the sound seemed to have gotten louder and Adina groans flinging the pillow at the disturbing sound. The clock hits the floor with a loud thud and the sleepy black haired girl peers from under the crumpled sheets and groans. The events from the previous night come to mind and she scrambles up on her feet throwing on some cut off shorts and her Yale tee shirt. Thundering over to the desk she flipped the laptop open and begins to check the morning headlines. 

After scanning several pages, she found what she was looking for, a small article reporting the vandalized cemetery and the stolen relic. Adina notices the time and with a sigh closes the laptop and heads down the stairs to open the shop.

Soon as she opens the doors there’s a steady stream of customers all morning long not letting her have a break. She checks her watch and sees its past 1 pm. Two teenage girls are lingering by the back looking over the love spells section; Adina leans on the counter already planning on closing the shop for lunch when the door opens slowly. Inwardly groaning as her stomach is already sounding like a thunderstorm she looks up and catches her breath. The tall, light brown haired guy standing by the door looks strangely familiar and very handsome. The intrigued witch decides she could stay open a little longer to help him out. Her new customer begins to walk around looking at the shelves, Adina can’t help and wonder what he’s here for. 

He doesn’t look like the usual clientele that come into the store; she figures he’s either lost or curious as to what this place is. Deciding to speak up she clears her throat and asks, “May I help you?” The tall guy looks up with a slight furrowed brow and walks towards her, “I was looking for some ash wood.” Adina frowns at his request and wonders what the heck he would want with that, deciding to test him she pulls out a scented candle putting it on the counter. “Sure, this one smells nice” answering with a small smile. He frowns picking up the jar and shakes his head, “No, this isn’t what I’m looking for. I need the actual piece of ash wood.” 

Adina tilts her head slightly, taking a good long look at him before answering back. “Ash wood?” she’s not sure what to make out of this and the thing is he’s looking very familiar to her, “Are you sure about that?” She can tell that the guy is sizing her up as well and his brow seems to furrow even more. “My friend Esmeralda told me to come here, you know from the Midnight Club?” As Adina is about to answer he interrupts her, “Yale?” he points to her tee shirt. She nods, “I graduated last year from there and yeah I know Esmeralda.” Suddenly recognizing him she stands up straight, “Evan…. Evan Levi? You used to date Victoria, right?” 
Evan’s eyes go a bit wide and Adina can see the hurt still in his eyes as he nods. “Yeah, I’m Evan do I know you?” 

Her smile softens as she replies, “I used to be Vicky’s friend back at school. We used to all go out sometimes. I’m Adina.” His eyes light up a bit as he recognizes her and he gives her dimpled smile, “I remember you now, you own this shop?” Adina nods and after a couple minutes of them catching up the two teenage girls walk up to make their purchases. After ringing them up they leave, giggling looking back at Evan as they walk out. Adina chuckles and shakes her head. “I think they have a crush on you now.” She teases lightly and he just smiles looking back at her.

 Evan places a hand on the counter and asks her again if she has the ash wood. Adina realizes he’s probably a trapper and wants the ash wood for some type of ritual. She wonders if it has anything to do with the thing she’s been after for the past two weeks. She needs to get some answers from him, maybe they can help each other out. Adina smiles and leans on the counter, “I might have it but only if you tell me what you need it for?” ….


To be continued…

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