A Witch’s Call – The Shapeshifter

Zeke The Shapeshifter

The leaves disintegrated under his stomping feet. With each shuffling step the Shapeshifter took he felt weaker and weaker. The witch had caught him by surprise when she stormed into the warehouse. He was about to finish those two damn trackers when the blast hit him in the shoulder and flung him back. He was forced to leave, if it hadn’t been for her he would be celebrating by now.


Fucking witch! Where did she come from and who the hell was she? Zoul was going to be pissed at him, he might even kill him. A sharp burning pain went down his shoulder causing him to slump on a tree. Zeke needed to heal before facing their main leader. Zoul, the one that brought them all together and came up with the plan to get rid of the Legacies once and for all. He knew that once this was done the Dark Realm would be theirs for the taking.

lean on tree

The Shapeshifter knew that before facing the leader he had to heal and get his story straight. He needed to find out who this witch was and if she knew what he was after. That information would be valuable to Zoul and might even spare him his life. He replayed what happened in the warehouse and it seemed to him that the trackers and witch were working together.


If they were working together then that means they might know of Zoul’s plan. Why else would trackers and witches be after him? He should kill them. Yes, a plan was starting to form. He was to find out what they knew about the plan and then he will kill them. Bringing their heads and valuable information had to be worth something.

Now that he had a plan, where to start? The Midnight Club of course, tracker haven. Everyone knew that was their hangout but that wasn’t the problem; the problem was Esmeralda. That bitch could smell Shapeshifters a mile away but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try.

Adina Valenz


Zeke took off the minute he decided on being the tracker instead of the trackee. Those fools thought they had the upper hand but now that he knew he was being followed things would be easier for him to catch them. He vanished from the tree and reappeared by The Midnight Club, his shoulder was hurting like hell but that wasn’t about to stop him.


The plan was for him to wait until the two trackers appeared but to his surprise he didn’t have to wait long. The dark-haired witch walked out in a hurry just as Zeke appeared. He watched as she got into the mustang and sped away. Her scent still clung in the air and the Shapeshifter grinned as he could now follow her. This was going to be fun, perhaps he won’t kill her right away; after all he always did enjoy playing with his food before eating.

To Be Continued….

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  1. I have always loved anything magical, so I would say my inspiration comes from anything that has to do with the supernatural 🙂

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